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Annuity Option
Any Order
Cash Option
Exact Order
Instant Games
Quick Pick
Drawing Games
Unclaimed Prize
Validated Ticket

Animation refers to the graphic representation of the winning numbers selected by the randomizer.

Annuity Option refers to the payment option. The annuity option is available on winning tickets for players who elect to receive the annuity payment option when claiming a jackpot prize.

Any Order, also known as a "Boxed" bet, is when your numbers match the winning numbers, regardless of the sequence in which they were chosen. This is a bet type for the PLAY 3 and PLAY 4 games.

Cash Option refers to the payment option for jackpot prize payouts. The jackpot prize will be paid in a single cash payment on winning tickets for players who elect to receive the cash payment option when claiming a jackpot prize.

Drawings refers to the random selection of winning numbers. For example, POWERBALL® drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m.

Exact Order, also known as a "Straight" bet, is when your numbers match the winning number in exact order chosen. This is a bet type for the PLAY 3 and PLAY 4 games.

Instant Games refers to games played by scratching off the latex covering on the pay area. Players know immediately if and what they have won by reading the game design. For example, you could match three of six symbols to win. Instant Games are available in a variety of themes and play styles and at a variety of price points.

Jackpot refers to the total amount of the "Grand Prize" that will increase if there is no winning ticket for that game.

Retailer refers to more than 575 statewide retail locations that sell Lottery games.

Pari-mutuel refers to games in which jackpot prizes are awarded to numerous players holding the same winning tickets. The prize payment is determined by the number of winning tickets for that drawing. For example, the POWERBALL® game is a pari-mutuel game, so if there are two winning tickets for a jackpot prize for the same drawing, then the total jackpot prize amount would be shared between the two winning tickets.

Playslip is used when a player wants to pick his or her own numbers for any drawing game.

Quick Pick refers to letting the computer randomly pick all or some of the numbers for you. This term applies to On-Line games only. Each play is unique, but it is possible to have duplication of numbers on different lines or tickets.

Drawing Games refers to games purchased from Lottery terminals at retail locations. Currently, the Lottery offers POWERBALL®, PLAY 3/PLAY 4, Multi-Win LOTTO, Mega Millions®, Lucky for Life®, Hot Loto® and Keno.

Terminal refers to the Lottery computer (gaming system) that generates tickets for drawing games. The terminal can also validate tickets.

Unclaimed Prize refers to a prize for which no one has come forth with a valid winning ticket. All prizes must be claimed within a year of the drawing date or end of the game.

Validated Ticket refers to a ticket that has been verified as a prize winner at the Delaware Lottery Office or by an authorized Lottery Retailer, through the computer terminal gaming system.

Wager refers to the amount of money played on a game. For example, a 50-cent wager or a $1 wager is available for PLAY 3 and PLAY 4.

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