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Delaware Lottery Instant Games

What's a Plan-O-Gram?

The Plan-O-Gram program focuses on sorting Instant Game tickets by price point (highest to lowest) maximizing sales by keeping the higher priced tickets in the most visible slots.INCREASE tís the PLAN?

What are the benefits?

  • The program was tested in six locations before it was introduced to the entire retail network. On average, the 10-week test period produced a sales increase of more than 100% for the stores. Some stores increased their sales as much as 161%!
  • The program offers a convenient way for your customers to identify and view Instant Game tickets. Price point labeling is applied to your in-counter, on-counter and overhead Instant Game ticket dispensing unit to cleary mark the cost fo each game.
  • In an effort to assist our Retailer network with it's merchandising and marketing, theLottery is offering this program FREE of charge. Your Instant Game ticketing dispensing unit will be updated by your Lottery Representative during a regular visit or at a time that is convenient for you.

What's the Plan?

lottery ticket organizer graphic

1. Top Shelf Items

Having the higher priced tickets at eye-level will encourage players to try these products more readily. The program organizes the tickets in a tiered order by price.

2. Stay Organized

The program includes price point labeling for the Instant Game ticket dispensing unit visible to both Retailer and consumer, with the exception of the in-counter unit which provides labeling visible only to Retailers. The labeling sysem provides consumers with easy visibility and a uniform system they will begin to look for wherever lottery tickets are sold.

3. The Bottom Line

Merchandising your higher priced Instant Game products will increase your overall sales and commissions.



Three Display Types!

Image of overhead Lottery ticket display case
Image of in-counter Lottery ticket display case
Image of on-counter Lottery ticket display case


Questions & Answers

Why should higher selling price points be at the top of the dispenser?
The $20, $10, and $5 price points make up an average of 50% of Lottery sales statewide and increase in sales the quickest. Consumers will notice the higher priced tickets if they are displayed in the most visible and prominent bins. When consumers purchase these tickets, it increases your overall sales and commission.

How many Retailers are taking part in the program?
More than 125 Retailers are currentlyusing the Plan-0-Gram, but the Delaware Lottery is looking forward to having all retailers take part in this sales maximizing program.

Do I have to implement my Instant Game ticket dispensing unit myself?
No. Your Representative will set up a convenient time to organize your unit.

Will I have to pay for this service?
No. The Delaware Lottery will provide this service and the labeling system free of charge. If any additional labels are needed in the future, the Lottery will provide them to you, as well.

I currently do not have a large stock of the higher priced Instant Game tickets. What will I place in these slots?
Your Representative will evaltuate your inventory and order any additional tickets you will need to efectively Plan-O-Gram.

What do I do if my clerk or I have questions about the program?
Your Representative will contact you to make sure everything is going smoothly, but never hesitate to contact us if you have any immediate questions.
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