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$50,000 Top-Prize Win in the Delaware Lottery’s 50X Instant Game Makes It a Very Merry Christmas for One Laurel, Delaware, Couple

Delaware Native Celebrates the Holidays Early with $25K MEGA MILLIONS® with Megaplier Win

Delaware Business Owner Exchanges $25 Winner for One Worth A Quarter Million Dollars

Newark Resident Takes Home $50,000 POWERBALL® Prize

$10,000 Win in the Delaware Lottery’s Quarter Million Large Instant Game Gives an Extra Boost to one Delaware Man’s Holiday Shopping

Smyrna Resident Can Now Purchase the Home of His Dreams After Winning a $100,000 Top Prize

Great News for a Great-Grandmother When She Discovered She Won $30,000 in the Delaware Lottery’s HOT LOTTO®

Delaware Resident Starts “Staycation” with $10,000 Win

Cecil County Lottery Player Strikes Bronze, Then Gold

Kent County Store Manager Wins $50,000 Playing Money Madness

Sussex County Construction Worker Wins $10,000 Playing Quarter Million Large, Thanks to Mom’s Help

Pennsylvania Man Wins $10,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Bethany Beach Retiree Wins $15K Playing MEGA MILLIONS® with Megaplier

A Nibble of Cheese, a Sip of Wine and $15,000: Wilmington Man Savors a Top Prize in the Delaware Lottery’s Cash Bonus Instant Game

A Georgetown Resident Looks Forward to a Lobster Dinner and Bragging Rights After Winning a $25,000 Top Prize in the Delaware Lottery’s Super Cash Instant Game

Seaford Man Turns $100 Win into $10,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Quarter Million Large

Delaware Native Wins $50,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, Mega Bucks

Wilmington Resident’s “Prediction” Comes True When He Takes Home a Top Prize in the Delaware Lottery’s Quarter Million Large Instant Game

Bear Resident Will Surprise Fiancé with $50,000 Winning Ticket in the POWERBALL®

Smyrna Resident Zeroes In on Number 16 and Ends Up Winning $50,000 in the POWERBALL®

A Penny Lying Heads Up Leads to a $100,000 In the Money Instant Win for Delaware Native

Delaware Native Wins $20,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, More Money

Married Couple of 34 Years Plans to Surprise Children and Grandchildren After Winning a Top Prize in the Delaware Lottery’s $150,000 Payout Instant Game

Mother Surprises Both Daughters with “Disappearing Auto Loans” After Winning $50,000 in the POWERBALL®

Maryland Man Wins $10,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Local Man Wins $15,000 Top Prize in Delaware Lottery’s Cash Bonus Instant Game

Convenience Store Stop Leads to Big $100,000 Cash Reserve Win

Lucky Delaware Native Takes Home $50,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Wilmington Grandmother Looks Forward to Treating the Family After Winning $20,000 Top Prize in the Delaware Lottery’s 20X Instant Game

Local Woman Wins $15,000 Top Prize in Delaware Lottery’s Platinum 7 Instant Game

Wilmington Resident Wins Top Prize

Lucky Winner Claims Top Prize of $50,000 Playing Maximum Money

Retirement Pays Off for New Castle Native

Sussex County Man Wins After Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Quarter Million Large

Delaware Woman Wins Top Prize Playing the Delaware Lottery’s LUCKY No. 7

Newark Native Wins Top Prize Playing Delaware Lottery’s Mega Bucks

Milton Man Wins $10,000 After Playing Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Maryland Woman Wins Top Prize

$25,000 Win Is a Belated Birthday Surprise

Delaware Man Takes Home “Big Money” After Playing the Delaware Lottery

Delaware Woman Makes Lucky POWERBALL® Purchase—Wins $50,004

Wilmington Woman Wins Top Prize Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Platinum 7

Newark Native and Loyal Lottery Player Wins MULTI-WIN LOTTO’S Largest Jackpot to Date

Delaware Man Wins $10,000 After Playing Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Delaware POWERBALL® Player Wins $50,000

$10 Turns into $35,000 for Lucky Delaware Man Playing the Delaware Lottery’s 10X the Cash

Maryland Woman Wins Top Prize Playing the Delaware Lottery’s 5X the Money

Smyrna Man Wins $10,000 After Playing Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Three Co-workers at Harbor Healthcare Win $100,000 Playing POWERBALL® with Power Play

Sussex County Native Wins A Top Prize of $250,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Local Hairdresser Turns a $500 Win into $10,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Quarter Million Large Instant Game

Maryland Man’s Luck Strikes Twice—Wins $10,000 Playing POWERBALL®

Delaware Man Takes Top Prize Playing 5X the Money

Delawarean Jeffrey Cordrey Scratches His Way to Top Prize of $15,000 Playing Delaware Lottery’s 5X the Money

Delaware Woman Takes Home $10,000 After Playing The Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Delaware Co-Workers Split $100,000 After Winning Delaware Lottery’s Cash Reserve

Delaware Man Multiplies His Winnings to $100,000 After Playing POWERBALL® With Power Play

Loyal Lottery Player Wins Big After Playing the Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large

Newark Man Makes “More Money” After Playing the Delaware Lottery

Newark Woman Makes a Lucky POWERBALL® Purchase Worth $50,000

Wilmington Woman Wins Top Prize of $25,000 Playing CASH FUNDS Game

Office Pool Wins $50,000 in Jan. 16 POWERBALL® Drawing

Local Teacher Wins $50,104 Playing POWERBALL®

Pennsylvania POWERBALL® Player Wins $50,000

One Main Financial Employees Win $50,000 Playing POWERBALL®

$50,000 POWERBALL® Winner Feeling Just Fine Despite Not Winning the Jackpot

Delaware Woman Starts New Year with $40,000 Winnings in LUCKY No. 7 Game

Dover Man Wins $15,000 in new PLATINUM 7 Game

Millsboro Woman Wins $50,000 Playing POWERBALL®

Delaware Man Rings in The New Year with $15,000 After Playing Delaware Lottery’s “5X The Cash”

Retired State Employee Ends the Year with $10,000 Lottery Win

Maryland Woman Celebrates the Holidays Early with a $20,000 Win

Delaware Couple Strikes Gold After Winning a Top Prize from the Delaware Lottery’s Gold 7

Rehoboth Beach Native Takes Home $50,004 Playing POWERBALL®

Local Resident “Looking for Money” Finds $10,000 within Minutes Playing Delaware Lottery’s Keno®

Impulse Stop Leads to a $25,010 Win for Delaware Man

Newark Native “Maxes” Out with Top Prize of $50,000

Delaware Woman Wins $50,000 From “Make My Year” Instant Game

Delaware Man Wins $20,000 Playing More Money

Retired Police Officer Wins $150,000 Playing Classic Cash

Lucky Number Eight Helps Delaware Man Win $25,000

Dover Man Wins $10,000 Playing Powerball®

$10 Turns into $35,000 for Lucky Dover Woman

Wilmington Man Scratches His Way Into September With a $25,000 Win

College Student Starts New School Year with $15,000 from The Delaware Lottery?s “Gold 7” Instant Game

First-Time Lottery Winner Takes Home Top Prize in The Delaware Lottery's "10X the Money" Instant Game

$20,000 POWERBALL® Win Makes 60th Birthday a Very Happy One a Newark Resident

Local Woman Celebrates Retirement With $15,000 Top Prize In The Delaware Lottery's 5X The Cash Instant Game

Delaware Lottery's “5X The Cash” $15,000 Top Prize Helps Build a Future For Newly Engaged Woman & Her Fiancé

Avid Fisherman Lands The Big One - Taking Home $50,000 In The Delaware Lottery's Make My Year Instant Game

It Is, Indeed, a “Merry, Merry Month Of May” For Two Top-Prize Delaware Lottery Instant Game Winners

Local Truck Driver Hauls In Final Top Prize In The Delaware Lottery's “PAY ME! $50,000” Instant Game

“Just a Feeling” Quickly Becomes Feeling Ecstatic When Delaware Lottery's “PAY ME! $100,000” Serves Up $100,000 Top Prize

Frederica Man “Falls” Into $100,000; Wins “$100,000 Cash Fall” Instant Game Top Prize

April Fools' Day Turns Into Serious Happiness For $25,000 Mega Millions® With Megaplier® Winner

Just “Passing Through” Pays Off For A New Jersey Man With A $15,000 Win In Delaware Lottery's “SILVER 7” Instant Game

Impulse Purchase Results in $15,000 “Silver 7's” Top Prize Win

Dover Woman Welcomes Spring With a $35,000 Top-Prize Win In The Delaware Lottery's “10X The Money” Instant Game

Friday The 13th Proves To Be One Of The Luckiest Days Ever For Delaware Lottery Multi-Win Lotto Top-Prize Winner

Delaware Lottery's “5x The Money” Serves Up $15,000 TOP Prize To Local Bartender

$10,000 POWERBALL® Winning Ticket Gives New Jersey Resident His Largest Lottery Win To Date

Loyal Lottery Player Takes Home $25,000 Delaware Limited Top Prize

Second Pair Of Eyes Sees $150,000 Cash Blowout Top Prize

$58 Powerball Winning Ticket Turns Into $40,000 Powerball With Power Play Win

“Lucky Feeling” Pays Off For Newark Man, Wins $25,000 Instant Game Top Prize



Checking Forgotten Powerball Tickets Results In A $10,004 Powerball® Win For Newark Man

Delaware Woman Ends The Year With A $15,000 Win Thanks To “5X THE MONEY”

Couple Wins Delaware Cash 5 $87,000 Jackpot Because They Accidentally Picked The Wrong Number

Delaware Man Celebrates The Holidays Early Thanks To a $40,000 Win Playing “Straight Up 7’s” Instant Game

MULTI-WIN LOTTO Top Prize Hit Again; Winner Claims $52,118

$150,000 Classic Cash Top Prize Instantly Turns One Woman's Bad Day Around

MULTI-WIN LOTTO Top Prize Hit; Winner Claims $146,100

Christmas Comes Early For Loyal Lottery Player, Wins $20,000 With Win It All Intsant Game

Maryland Woman Wins Top Prize Playing Pay Me! $25,000 Instant Game

$20 Ticket Translates Into a $100,000 Instant Game Win For Laurel, Del. Resident

Middletown Man Takes Home The Last Top Prize In The Delaware Lottery 10X The Cash Instant Game

Adding Sizzler Pays Off For Local Hot Lotto® Player

Repetition Pays Off For Retiree In The Form Of a $25,000 Mega Millions® Win

College Student Wins $15,000 Playing "5X The Money" Instant Game

Man Wins Final Top Prize In "Triple Green 777" Instant Game

Thirteen Coworkers Win $10,000 Playing Powerball®

Under Thirty-Something A $10,000 Winner Thanks To Powerball®

New Castle Man Wins $9,000 Playing Hot Lotto® With Sizzler

Longtime Multi-Win Lotto Player Hits The Jackpot

Lewes Couple Scratches Way To $10,000 Top Prize

Daily Instant Player Wins $15,000 With 5X The Money Instant Game

Man Wins Top Prize Playing “Hit 25,000” Instant Game

Pool of Six Lottery Players Wins $10,000 with Powerball

22-Year-Old Lewes Resident Wins $20,000 Top Prize Playing Extreme 8S Instant Game

Store Clerk Wins $15,000 With 5X The Cash Instant Game

Delaware Native Has A Stroke Of Luck In Bear

Two-Time Cancer Survivor Wins $26,001 Playing Delaware Cash 5®

International Longshoreman Wins $30,000 With Delaware Cash 5®

Bellefonte Man Hits It Big Playing His Favorite Game; Wins $80,005 Multi-Win Lotto Top Prize

Wilmington Man Receives An Early Wedding Gift; Wins $25,000 Hot Cash Instant Game Top Prize

Retired Man From Southern Delaware Wins $10,000 With Powerball®

Milford Mechanic Wins $10,000 With Powerball®

Wilmington Woman Receives Early Birthday Present And Hits $52,001 Delaware Cash 5® Jackpot

Wilmington Woman Has Luck Playing Black Opal 7s And Wins $15,000

Georgetown Woman Wins $182,100 Playing Multi-Win Lotto; The Top Prize is the Second Largest in the History of the Game

Retired Man Multiplies His Luck With Power Play® And Wins $50,000 Powerball®

Florida Man Makes A Lucky Powerball® Purchase Worth $10,000 During Bethany Beach Vacation

Produce Owner From Pennsylvania Produces A $357 Win Inside Delaware Lottery Money Machine

Newark Man Engineers His Own Luck Playing Instant Game “Cash Blowout”

Sales Man From Wilmington Wins $15,000 Top Prize Playing 5x The Cash

New Castle Man Purchases Lucky 20x The Cash Instant Ticket Worth $100,000

Classic Red Instant Ticket Purchased At Millsboro Discount Liquors Pays Out $150,000

Third Time’s A Charm Ocean View Man Wins $15,000 Playing Amethyst 7s

Retired Florist Wins $40,000 Top Prize Playing Triple Green 777

Lewes Couple Wins $10,000 Playing Money Multiplier

Milford Man Makes Lucky Hot Lotto® Ticket Purchase Worth $30,000

Cashier From Millville Cashes In From Hot Lotto® Ticket Purchase

Wilmington Man Plans To Visit Grand Canyon With $10,000 Powerball® Win

University Of Delaware Professor Wins A Stash Of Cash Inside Delaware Lottery Money Machine

Newark Man Wins $38,000 Jackpot Playing Delaware Cash 5®



50-Person Office Pool Wins $1 Million In Second-Largest MEGA MILLIONS® Drawing In History

Georgetown Man Will Have A Happy Thanksgiving With $58,000 Delaware Cash 5® Jackpot Winnings

Newark Man Multiplies His Luck And Wins $15,000 Top Prize Playing 5x The Money

Grandfather Plans To Take Grandkids To Disney World With $50,000 Top Prize Winnings

Maryland Woman Gets A $100,000 Payday Playing Cash Blast With The Delaware Lottery

Wilmington Man Purchases $10,000 Winning Powerball® Ticket At Kirkwood Highway 7-Eleven

Florida Woman Wins Over $10,000 Playing Powerball® In Delaware

Seaford Woman Wins A “Cool” $25,000 Top Prize Playing Hot Cash

New Jersey Man Collects $10,000 Top Prize Playing Monopoly™ Instant Game

Pennsylvania Woman Wins $10,000 Playing Powerball® In Delaware

Dover Man Has Extreme Luck Playing Extreme 8s and Wins $20,000

New Jersey Woman Has Luck In The First State With Powerball®

Frederica Man Gets A Big Payday On Multi-Win Lotto® Ticket

Camden Man Wins Big At His Local Shore Stop On Multi-Win Lotto® Ticket

Birthday Numbers And Delaware Cash 5® Ticket Make One Lucky Winning Combo For Newark Man

Newark Man Has Mega Luck And Wins $10,000 With Mega Millions®

Millsboro Man Makes A Lucky Purchase With Powerball® And Wins $10,000

Listening To Her Gut Brings Lucky Wilmington Woman $2 Million Playing Powerball® With Power Play®

Trip To Food Lion Turns Lucky; Man Wins Top Prize And More On Multi-Win Lotto Ticket

Maryland Man Cashes In On DELAWARE CASH 5®

Camden Man Overjoyed From $35,000 Top Prize Win Playing 10x The Money

Dover Man Strikes It Hot With Lucky HOT LOTTO® Ticket Worth $10,000

Townsend Woman Has Sizzling Luck And Wins $10,000 Playing HOT LOTTO®

Harrington woman wins $15,000 top prize playing 5x the money

newark woman’s lucky buy wins her $30,000 playing mega millions® with megaplier®

wilmington woman’s day of good fortune results in $10,000 powerball® win

newark man experiences gold rush; wins $20,000 top prize playing white gold

Man Collects $10,000 Playing Monopoly™ With The Delaware Lottery

MEGA MILLIONS® And Megaplier® Make Lucky Combo For $40,000 Win

Wilmington Man Finds MULTI-WIN LOTTO Ticket Worth $102,020 While Cleaning Out Car

Pathmark Shopper’s Lucky Purchase Results In $10,000 POWERBALL® Win

Middletown Man Wins $40,000 Playing POWERBALL® With Power Play®

Man From Bear Receives Cash Blast; Claims $100,000 Instant Top Prize

shopper wins $10,000 from POWERBALL® purchase

newark man finds good fortune; wins $10,000 playing MEGA MILLIONS®

newark man wins $15,000 top prize playing topaz 7s

Smyrna Woman Wins $25,000 Sizzling Top Prize Playing Money To Burn

groundhog day turns lucky for maryland man; wins $10,000 with POWERBALL®

wilmington man hits the jackpot playing multi-Win lotto

MEGA MILLIONS® win pays frederica man $250,000


wilmington woman receives holiday surprise; wins $10,000 playing powerball®

smyrna man’s luck heats up from hot lotto® win

Millsboro woman wins $10,000 Top prize playing fire & ice

wilmington man’s luck strikes twice; wins $47,000 playing delaware cash 5®

nine co-workers make a lucky combination; results in $10,000 powerball® win

lucky lady wins $27,000 jackpot playing delaware cash 5®

claymont woman’s ticket for record powerball® drawing proves profitable

georgetown man wins $10,000 from record powerball® drawing

maryland man gets lucky with the delaware lottery and wins 50 grand top prize

Co-Workers claim $1 Million POWERBALL® winning ticket

Wilmington Man Wins Ten Grand With POWERBAL®

Middletown man adds a little sizzle and Wins $30,000 HOT LOTTO® prize

Frederica Man Wins $10,000 Top prize Playing Fire & Ice

Wilmington Woman becomes $100,000 top prize winner 20X the Cash

Newark Man Strikes It 'HOT' With $10,000 HOT LOTTO® Win

Middletown Man Cashes In With $10,000 POWERBALL® Win

Wilmington Couple Come Forward To Claim $50 Million POWERBALL® Jackpot Prize

millsboro man takes home $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize

mega millions® win Makes a super day for dover man

maryland woman wins $15,000 top prize playing emerald green 7s

multi-win lotto grants newark man a quick, easy $130,010 top prize payout

delaware cash 5® winnings fit for a king

wilmington woman walks away with $10,000 powerball® win

mega millions® means mega bucks for wilmington man

university employee achieves $43,000 With Delaware Cash 5®

mega millions® puts a quarter (million) in newark man’s pocket

Welder from lincoln generates cold cash with fire and ice

POWERBALL® proves powerful for wilmington man

middletown woman makes it happen with POWERBALL®

lewes man pockets $35,000 with delaware lottery limited

POWERBALL® and POWER PLAY® produce $40,000 win for newark man

rehoboth beach senior takes home $10,000 with powerball®

wilmington couple plans to pay POWERBALL® winnings forward

Man Working on the Railroad Wins Record Jackpot Playing DELAWARE CASH 5®

new castle man makes a mint with MEGA MILLIONS®

POWERBALL® players pick up $10,014 prize

first-time MEGA MILLIONS® Player Wins $250,000

Middletown Brothers Share MULTI-WIN LOTTO Top Prize

rehoboth beach man takes home top prize playing $150,000 green

landscaper turfs up $40,000 with triple silver 777

Newark man joins delaware elite with $35,000 top prize

POWERBALL® pays $10,000 to wilmington man

seaford MEGA MILLIONS® winner races away with $250,000

MEGA MILLIONS® win bonds 28 friends

Group from bear win big bucks with MEGA MILLIONS®

Claymont woman claims $250,000 in MEGA MILLIONS® prize win

Camden woman cashes in with the Delaware Lottery and MEGA MILLIONS®

pre-k teacher takes home $10,000 in record-setting MEGA MILLIONS® jackpot

wilmington man gets a $10,000 payday playing POWERBALL®

Garden state winner blooms $10,000 with MEGA MILLIONS®

friends bond over $10,000 MEGA MILLIONS® prize win

wilmington man’s journey marks a POWERBALL® win with the delaware Lottery

greenwood couple combines MEGA MILLIONS® with megaplier® to make $1,000,000

Hollywood awaits for the delaware Lottery’s Second chance wheel of fortune® winner

green emeralds lead to green cash for magnolia man

$126,025 multi-win lotto Top Prize Win means sweet commute for man from bear

lucky UD season ticket holder scores cash in the Delaware Lottery's Money Machine

millsboro woman already spelling ‘winner’ thanks to wheel of fortune® instant game

new castle Woman experiences winner’s rush with white gold

New Castle Office Administrator Nets $10,000 With POWERBALL®

$200,000 powerball® win lights up wilmington workplace

garnet red is favorite color for wilmington lottery winner

wilmington father knows best in $200,000 powerball® win

lottery lightening strikes laurel woman – again - with DELAWARE cash 5® win

lewes lottery player gets lucky with triple platinum 777

wilmington bowler Entrusts 70’s TV Icon to keep her winning lottery ticket safe

new castle man wins $100,000 with delaware lottery cash blast

magnolia man makes $10,000 in powerball® win

Mega millions® means $10,000 payday for dover woman

Young Seaford woman strikes POWERBALL® gold during holidays

wilmington woman cashes in with lottery’s “cash out”


POWERBALL® Coins a winner at Cedar creek general store

MULTI-WIN LOTTO Jackpot Win Marks New Father And Daughter Tradition

MEGA MILLIONS®. MEGAPLIER®. Mega-Win For Milford Man!

POWERBALL® Win Yields Even Better View For Man From Ocean View

claymont man picks up $10,000 Plus Playing POWERBALL® At A-Plus

shared hot lotto® ticket leads to shared $10,000 jackpot for friends from maryland

delaware lottery, hot lotto®, and super g give man 10g’s

Bear man finds $10,000 in shell, thanks to mega millions®

groceries lead to powerball® green for laurel man

Wilmington Woman Scratches Her Way to $10,000 Payout

Unplanned Purchase Provides Prize For Frequent Player

Susan From Claymont Sizzles Her Way To $30,000 Prize

powerball® spells $10,000 payoff for north carolina man

Lucky Lancaster Man Lines Up $10,000 With POWERBALL®

wilmington man PROCURES $10,000 with precise powerball® picks

steadfast state employee takes triple platinum 777

delaware cash 5® plus 30 years of playing equals huge payout for seaford couple

delaware lottery’s “white gold” turns green for new castle man

milford man makes a mint mastering powerball® at Mike’s

wilmington woman’s Snap Decision leads to $10,000 powerball® win

Philadelphia Man Takes It To The Limit, Wins $35,000 with the delaware lottery

new yorker finds new money in delaware lottery’s $10,000 payout

Maryland couple gets a jump with MULTI-WIN LOTTO Top Prize

$10,000 POWERBALL® win is bankable for financial services employee from millsboro

white gold pans out $10,000 for wilmington woman

MEGA MILLIONS® Jackpot Yields $10,000 Creates 25 Lucky Winners

MEGA MILLIONS® Winner Claims $10,000 Prize

Newark Player Nails Down $10,000 POWERBALL® Win

70-Year-Old Cashes In On Delaware Cash 5 Jackpot

Chester Man Pockets $15,000 Playing Garnet Red 7s In Lewes

Wilmington Senior Rakes In $90,020 in MULTI-WIN LOTTO Jackpot

Smyrna Man's $10,000 POWERBALL® Win Gets Him A Smoother Ride

Wilmington Coworkers Strike It Rich - Win $200,003 in POWERBALL® Payout

Instant Game Means $10,000 Instant Payout For Seaford Senior

Liquid Assets Become $10,000 In Cold Hard Cash For A Salisbury Woman

Clayton Man Claims $100,000 Instant Game Top Prize

Newark Player $10,000 Richer After Winning Instant Game

Virginia Player Dials Up $4.8 Million Video Lottery Jackpot

MEGA MILLIONS® Delivers $250,000 Prize

Middletown Woman Nets $40,000 Prize With MEGA MILLIONS®

Frankford Man Strikes It Rich With Delaware Gold

MULTI-WIN LOTTO Delivers $68,005 Jackpot

POWERBALL® Delivers $10,000 Prize

MULTI-WIN LOTTO Cranks Out $64,102 Prize For Odessa Player

MEGA MILLIONS® Win Keeps New Castle Player Rolling

MEGA MILLIONS® Delivers On Promise To Wilmington Woman

Milton Player Scratches His Way To A $10,000 Top Prize

Laurel Player Wins $25,000 Money Maker Top Prize

HOT LOTTO® Win For A Homemaker

Delaware Lottery Player Hits For $10,000 In MEGA MILLIONS®

Classic Black Is A $150,000 Winner For Loyal Player

The Money Game Delivers $10,000 Top Prize

Lucky Player Pockets A Triple Red 777 $10,000 Top Prize

Wilmington Player Claims $200,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Lewes Retiree Cashes In With $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Instant Game Delivers $10,000 Top Prize

Wilmington Man Uncovers $15,000 Top Prize

Mother, Daughter Share Delaware Lottery Luck

POWERBALL® Delivers $10,000 Prize For Player From Bear

Instant Cash Game Delivers $50,000 Prize

Truck Driver Hauls $20,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Wilmington Woman Wins First DELAWARE CASH 5® Jackpot

The Money Game Delivers $10,000 Top Prize

$10,000 POWERBALL® Win For Seaford Player

Patience Pays For $1 Million POWERBALL® Prize Winner

Elsmere Retiree Claims $250,000 MEGA MILLIONS® Prize

Big Money Scratcher Claims $100,000 Top Prize

Sussex Player Claims $250,000 MEGA MILLIONS® Prize

Quick Pick Pulls Numbers For $40,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Delaware Gold Player Wins $10,000 Top Prize

Wilmington Fan Wins $100,000 Football Contest


Millsboro Player Picks Up $10,000 Prize

$200,000 POWERBALL Prize Goes To Wilmington Man

Millsboro Winner Claims $8,000 In Money Multiplier

Seaford Man Claims $10,000 Instant Game Top Prize

Dover Player Claims $20,000 Top Prize

Wilmington Winner Takes Home $68,000 Prize

Milford Man Claims $50,000 Dollar $ign$ Top Prize

Newark Player Discovers Black Pearl 7s Top Prize

New Castle Player Hits POWERBALL® For $200,000

$30,000 HOT LOTTO Hit Puts Selbyville Man At Ease

$100,000 is Big Money for Delmar Man

Newark Man Gets In The CASH ZONE

Maryland Resident Scores $30,000 in Delaware City

Maryland Woman Wins $10,000 With Instant Ticket


Pocket Cash Win Is Second Hit In Three Months For New Castle Woman

Camden Couple Claim $100,000 Money Match Top Prize

Bear Couple Claim $82,009 With Multi-Win Lotto

Big POWERBALL® Win Surprises Couple

Monopoly Money Turns Into Real Cash

Ruby Red 7's Leaves Winner Seeing Green



Newark Man Claims Big Prize On New Year's Eve

Newark Man Doubles Up With HOT LOTTO® Wins

$10,000 Win Has Frequent Player Eager For More

$200,000 POWERBALL® Prize Winner Gives Back

Harrington Man Hits Multi-Win Top Prize

Winner Plans Vacation After Big Score

Local Fireman Wins Big

Big Win Will Be A Life Changer For Local Player

POWERBALL® Ticket Blooms For Millsboro Florist

Top Prize Win Won't Change This Delaware Winner

Minersville Woman's $7,500 Win To Stay In The Family

Sussex Player Collects $40,000 Win

POWERBALL® Delivers For Another $10,000 Winner

Big Win Has Frequent Player Eager For More

Newark Woman's $100,000 Win Is A Life Changer

Georgetown Man Claims Another Big POWERBALL® Prize

Claymont Mother’s $10k Hot Lotto® Win Will Go Towards Son’s Education

Maryland Man Kicks Back After $10K Win

POWERBALL® Win Has PA Players Celebrating

Bear Player Finds His Lucky Numbers

Big Win Has Bridgeville Man Feeling 'HOT'

Persistance Pays Off For Seaford Retiree

Groom-To-Be Hits For $10k POWERBALL® Prize

"Everything Is Good" For MULTI-WIN LOTTO Player

Wilmingtonian Dreams Up $30,000 Win

Drinking Buddies Toast To Big POWERBALL® Win

Millsboro Man Happy To Hit For $10,000

Retiree Hits With Favorite Lottery Game

HOT LOTTO® Entertains To The Tune Of $10k

Vegas Trip Lends Delaware Woman Some Luck

Intuition Pays Off With A $10k POWERBALL® Win

Family Man Hits Homerun With POWERBALL®

Luck Bubbles Over For Boiler Maker

Middletown Player Shares News On Big Win

Milford Woman Claims Major Multi-Win Prize

Couple Scores POWERBALL® Win At Opportune Time

Blue Hen Scratches Diamond Into Cash

Instant Ticket Ignites Cash Xplosion

Selbyville Couple Reels In POWERBALL® Prize

Co-Workers Split $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Multi-Winnings For Anonymous Sussex Player

New Jeep® Puts Seaford Winner Back On the Road

DE Lottery To Send Players On Dream Vacation

Lottery Player Finds New Best Friend: Diamond 7s

Georgetown Man Drives Off With Car Full Of Cash

Dover Has A New HOT LOTTO® Winner

Sussex County Warms Up To New Hot Winner

10k Win Moves Student to the Head of the Class

Final $25,000 Raffle Winner Comes Forward

Heavy Equipment Operator Hauls In Major Cash

POWERBALL® Lights Up For Odessa Player

Multi-Win Lotto Delivers Stimulus Package

$15,000 Instant Payout Worth The Wait For PA Couple

Newark Winners Rolling In The Money

Instant Ticket Has Winner Seeing Dollar Signs

POWERBALL® Numbers Compute For Accountant

Police Officer Nabs $10,000 Prize

HOT LOTTO® Sizzles For Maryland Winner



Big New Year's Win For Middletown Player

Bear Resident Traps $10,000 POWERBALL® Win

Teacher Learns of POWERALL® Win

Pennsylvania Player Hits HOT LOTTO® Paydirt

Commitment Pays Off For Rehoboth Grocer

Carpenter Nails $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Couple Is Thankful For $200,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Wilmingtonian Rides Off With $10,000 Prize

Pennsylvania Player Finds Fast Cash Jackpot

Instant Payout for Local Woman

Store Clerk Passes "Go" for Monopoly Money

Custodian Cleans Up With Instant Operation

Super Cash Spectacular Win for Harrington Woman

HOT LOTTO® Win Keeps Middletown Man Up At Night

POWER PLAY Multiplier Delivers $50,000 Prize

Retiree Draws $200,000 with POWERBALL® Hit

Dover Winner Takes Wing With POWERBALL® Prize

POWERBALL® Mints Money for Local Printer

Lucky Numbers Add Up to $10,000 for Milton Woman

Felton Man's Lucky Numbers Win $10,000 For Big Day Off

Statistics Student's POWERBALL® Numbers Add Up For $10,000 Win

Retiree Nets Fast Cash

Camden Resident Wins At Her Own Store

Multiple Wins For Longtime Lottery Player

Middletown Man Sets Sights On Another Win

Young Cashier Cashes In On Multi-Win Lotto

New Castle Retiree Enjoys Big Win

Hockessin Man's Winning Will Take Him Far

Dover Resident's Husband Discovers Her Big Win

Emotional Win For Local Couple

New Castle Native's Win Is Worth Waking Up For

Instant Game Puts Winning Man "In The Money"

Generous Winner Shares Cash With Coworkers

Senior Citizen Wins 10k In POWERBALL®

Longtime Lottery Player Wins Big

Native New Yorker Nurse Wins Top Prize

Great Grandfather Gets Great Winnings

Former Delawarian Has First Big Win

Newark Woman Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Maryland Man Wins Big In Delaware

HOT LOTTO® Stokes Fire In Chef's Kitchen

Retiree Cashes In With HOT LOTTO® Sizzler®

Local Woman Cleans Up With Cash Vault

Newark Family Cashes In On $200,000 POWERBALL® Hit

Five Friends Strike It Rich

Big Win Has Local Grandma Feeling Young Again

First Time Player Wins $10,000 With POWERBALL®

HOT LOTTO® Adds A Little Excitement For Wilmington Winner

POWERBALL® Win Gives Wings To Airforce Winner

New Delawareian Rediscovers POWERBALL® Magic

Multi-Win Lotto Pays Big For New Castle County Couple

Clayton Woman Finds Her Lucky Number

Two Second-Chance Winners Land Hollywood Trips

POWERBALL® Pays For Maryland Man

Winning Big Nothing New For Newark Man

POWERBALL® Player Powers Up, For $40,000

$30,000 Win Helps Couple With Wedding



POWERBALL® Win Provides Tricks And Treats

RAFFLE Comes But Once A Year, For Newark Winner

Lucky Numbers Add Up To Big POWERBALL® Win

Chinese Restaurant Crowns Hockessin Woman With $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize

POWERBALL® Prize Is Nice Holiday Bonus For Maryland Woman

Accountant's Numbers Add Up For POWERBALL® Prize

National Guardswoman Topples Monopoly

Big Winner Nets "Spectacular" Prize

Coworkers Claim POWERBALL® Purse

Better Late Than Never For POWERBALL® Winner

Georgetown Man Wins $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Beginner's Luck Makes More Money For Dover Woman

Retiree’S POWERBALL® Win a Welcome Holiday Gift

Scratch Off Win Fills Nurse's Prescription

$200,000 POWERBALL® Win Puts Trucker In Fast Lane

Second-Chance Lottery Player Wins First-Class NASCAR® Treatment

POWERBALL® Ponies Up $10,000 for Wilmington Winner

$200,000 POWERBALL® payout for Sussex county man

Big POWERBALL® win for long-time player

Officer’s Perseverance Pays Off

New Castle Women’s POWERBALL® Dream becomes a Reality

Woman Scratches, Matches and Cashes in!

Claymont Man Nearly Tosses Winning POWERBALL® Ticket

Newark Woman Wins $10,000 POWERBALL® Prize On First Try

Postal Workers Have 77 Ways To Use Their $10,000

Nursing Student Gets The Prescription Right

First Big Win for Body Shop Manager

Military Retiree Salutes $30,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Wilmington Teacher starts the year off right with POWERBALL® win

$200,000 POWERBALL® winner is Smokin' with Excitement

Traveling Salesman hits the road with a $10,000 POWERBALL® win

Two Delaware Lottery POWERBALL® Winners take home $10,000

First time winners claim prize from their favorite game

Woman Claims one of three top "Match for Cash".

Winner Claims $10,000 POWERBALL® in Nick of Time

Third Lottery Win is a Charm withPOWERBALL®

Newark Man Scores $10,000 Prize in Money Plus Instant Game

$10,000POWERBALL® Prize for Newark Woman

Golfing Buddies Win $10,000 Powerball Prize

Happy Graduation to a University of Delaware POWERBALL® Winner!

Colossal Cash Prize of $10,000 Claimed.

New Year's Resolution #1 – win $250,000 with the Delaware Raffle

Seven is a lucky number for the Palms™ Second Chance drawing winners!



POWERBALL® Player Score BIG with $10,003 win

Congratulations to all the NASCAR® Second Chance Drawing Winners!

Wilmington Office Pool Wins $200,000 from Nov. 18 POWERBALL® Drawing

Record $172,000 Multi-Win Lotto Jackpot

Three lucky Players Club members win with 2006 Punkin Chunkin e-game

Top Prize for Instant Riches Game Claimed

New Castle Man Scores $15,000 playing Deal or No Deal Instant Game

Birthday Numbers Yield $200,000 Powerball Win for Wilmington Office Pool

Four Players Club members get even more from the "Play 4, Win 10% More" offer

80-Year Old Grandmother Wins Big with Multi-Win!

Players Club Members Win 10x Power Play Contest!

Two winners claim a total of $1 Million in Powerball® Prizes

Extra Happy New Year

Lucky Instant Game Winners

$200,000 POWERBALL® Winner Claims Prize

More Delawareans Heading To Vegas!



Lucky lady learns of $80,000 MULTI-WIN LOTTO win while running errands

Regular Lottery player cashes in on $64,020 MULTI-WIN LOTTO top prize

Two lucky winners are first to win $200,000 prizes with the new, bigger and better POWERBALL®

Three lucky Grand Prize winners meet NASCAR¨ NEXTEL Cup Series driver Rusty Wallace

Woman claims 5th MULTI-WIN LOTTO jackpot prize

Good Fortune Leads to a $500,000 POWERBALL® Prize

Delaware Lottery Offers Players Relief at the Pump!

Smyrna Woman Wins $82,000 MULTI-WIN LOTTO Jackpot

New MULTI-WIN LOTTO gets first jackpot winner

Three $100,000 POWERBALL® PRIZES in one drawing!

$7,785,490 LOTTO jackpot winner claims prize!

Delaware woman to spin Wheel of Fortune courtesy of the Delaware Lottery



Delaware Lottery players must be "nice", Santa has bought three winners early presents!

Printing company employees scoop sixth largest POWERBALL® jackpot

Delaware Lottery rewards Retailer for selling $214.7 million POWERBALL® ticket

Quick pick ticket nets group POWERBALL® prize

Newark resident took a second-chance and will have a monster of a race weekend

Delaware Lottery heats things up with the TABASCO® HOT CASH second-chance drawing grand prize winners

$500,000 POWERBALL® Prizewinner Surprised by Win

Cookie Creates Small Fortune

$100,000 POWERBALL® Prize Awarded to a Loyal Instant Games Player?

Winning Sisters Claim $10,000 INSTANT CASH Prize

$100,000 POWERBALL® Prize Is A "Dry Run" for Lucky 8

Salisbury House Builder Finds Sascratch, Scores $1,000

Finding Sascratch Pays off for Dover Realtor

Teacher Peggy Wins $1,000 in WSTW Sascratch Promotion

Robert Funk Has $25,000 POWER PAY DAY

Ellendale Man Spells Prize “P-L-A-S-M-A T-V”

Family Scores When Mom Wins $415,000

Lewes Man Claims $1,125,000 LOTTO Prize.

A Different Reaction to a $415,000 Win

$1 Wins Retired Baker an Additional $300,000



Ten lucky Players Club members will "Go Wild" at Wal-Mart this holiday season!

Dynamic team wins $40,000 on the POWERBALL® Instant Millionaire TV Game Show.

This winner will be singing along…

Wilmington couple claims $755,000 LOTTO prize

Four Delaware Women pick up $2,500 shopping spree gift certificates

Mark Shaw rides home on a new Harley

Janet Clough dazzles Vegas with big win.

Elvis® fan Kim Mulqueen says, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Second-chance drawing puts Matt Fleming on the NASCAR® fast track!

Dakota Quad Cab second-chance drawing is a scream for Cathy Marcum!

DE POWERBALL® Winner #5 Shares in 2nd Largest Jackpot Ever

No family feud splitting $16.5 million POWERBALL® Jackpot

A Quick Pick nets retirees $2.275 million

$700,000 — just a phone call away

Craig and Sue Fromme of Bear drive off with a Dodge Durango

Paul Godfrey stops for coffee ... and $25,000

Al Guessford trucks on home to $1.25 million All Cash Lotto Jackpot prize

Seven Delaware Lottery players win $100,000 each in record-breaking $295.7 million POWERBALL® drawing

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