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Press Releases

1999 Press Releases

October 12, 1999

Two Delaware Lottery tickets purchased for the Oct. 11 Lucky Date drawing had dates that matched the date drawn-month, day and year-to win $10,000. The first drawing for the Lottery's newest on-line game was held on Monday (Oct. 11). The date drawn was Nov. 30, '92.

According to Lottery Officials, as of this morning neither of the Lucky Date top prizewinners for the Oct. 11 drawing have claimed their prizes at the Delaware Lottery Office in Dover. Lottery records indicate that one of the two winning tickets was purchased at the Shop-Rite in Brandywine Commons on Rocky Run Parkway in Wilmington and the other one was purchased at The News Basket in the Fox Run Shopping Center in Bear.

Lucky Date tickets cost $1, and players can win up to $10,000. Players select a month (Jan., Feb., Mar., etc.), two-digit day (01, 02, etc.) and two-digit year (99, 01, etc.). Players may also buy Quick Pick tickets with dates randomly selected by the Lottery terminal computer. Players must select real dates (for example, April 31 does not exist), and Feb. 29 (leap year) is excluded.

"The game is really catching on," said Brian Peters, Delaware Lottery Deputy Director of Sales & Marketing. "The fun of this game is to play your favorite date and I think everyone has at least one." He added, "I am pleased there are two top prizewinning tickets for the game's first drawing."

There are three prize levels: players can win $2 by matching month drawn; win $50 by matching month and day drawn; or win $10,000 by matching month, day and year drawn. The top prize of $10,000 is not a rolling jackpot or parimutuel prize. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 37,200. Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 12.

Lucky Date drawings are being broadcast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 7:57 p.m. on WHYY-TV 12/64. Players can also listen to the simulcast drawing of results on WDEL 1150 AM and WILM 1450 AM radio. For winning numbers and other information, players can call the Delaware Lottery Player Information Line in Delaware at 800-338-6200 or, from out of state, at 302-736-1436. The Delaware Lottery reminds players to play responsibly.

Delaware Lottery Retailers pay prizes up to $599. All prizes of $600 or more can be claimed at the Delaware Lottery Office, McKee Business Park, 1575 McKee Road, Suite 102, Dover, DE 19904 1903.