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Press Releases

1999 Press Releases

October 25, 1999

Barbara Ennis, of Parsonsburg, MD, and Sandra Thawley, of Salisbury, MD, claimed a $10,000 prize, for the Friday, Oct. 22, Lucky Date drawing, this morning at the Delaware Lottery Office in Dover. Their winning ticket, which they purchased together, had the date that matched the date drawn-month, day and year-to win $10,000. The date drawn was Jan. 02, '00.  Each woman received a check for $3,600, which represents one half of $7,800 (the total $10,000 prize minus $2,800 withheld for federal taxes).

Ennis and Thawley, who work together at ShopRite, purchased their winning Lucky Date ticket at Brownie's Package Store on Rt. 13 in Delmar. Ennis said, "We always buy lottery tickets together. I buy the ones for Delaware and she buys the ones for Maryland." She added, "We play both lotteries, but we win more playing the Delaware Lottery." The winning ticket was a Quick Pick ticket with numbers randomly selected using the Lottery terminal computer.

"When I went to the Retailer to check my tickets the day after the drawing, I was cool about it when the Retailer told me I won $10,000," said Ennis. "I was so surprised that I just drove straight to Sandra's house to tell her," she said. When asked what they plan to do with their prize money, Ennis said, "We have been planning a trip to Myrtle Beach in April. Now we can go ahead and make the reservations." Ennis told Lottery Officials, "I've been planning to retire at the end of March, so I'm just going to have some fun."

Lottery Officials asked the women if they plan to continue playing Lottery games. Ennis commented, "Oh, yes! I love to play the Delaware Lottery!"

There have been eight $10,000 winners since the Lucky Date game started Oct. 11, 1999.