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Press Releases

2000 Press Releases

May 24 , 2000

DOVER, Del. A 41 year old woman from Claymont claimed the May 23, 2000, All Cash Lotto jackpot prize of $925,000 this morning at the Delaware Lottery Office in Dover.  

She was awarded $666,000, which represents her $925,000 prize minus $259,000 for federal tax. 

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her All Cash Lotto ticket the day of the drawing at Sunoco Mini Mart in Claymont.   The woman selected her winning numbers based on the birthdates of her two children and her niece.  

The woman said she found out she had won while she and her fianc' were watching the winning numbers drawing on TV.   She said, "I was completely in shock and I started jumping up and down.   It was just such an amazing feeling." 

When asked how she would spend the prize money, the woman replied, "Buy a new house with a very big yard." The woman told the Lottery office that she is a regular Lottery player.  When asked if she continues to play Lottery games, she said, "Oh yes!   Definitely." 

Tickets for All Cash Lotto cost $1 and are available at all Delaware Lottery On-Line Retailers.  The All Cash Lotto jackpot for Thursday, May 25, 2000, is worth $150,000.