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Press Releases

2001 Press Releases

October 05, 2001


NEWARK, Del., October 5 — Cathy Marcum of Newark, Del. today claimed a vehicle from Newark Dodge that she won in the second-chance drawing for the Delaware Lottery’s DAKOTA QUAD CAB Instant Game. Marcum, 53, was at work this morning when she learned she had won.

"I screamed," she said. "Everyone in the place heard me." Marcum works in Newark at the Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home in the Residents Needs and Admissions Departments. Her husband Gene took the call from the Delaware Lottery this morning at their home, then called her at work to tell her to call them back.

Over a period of two months this past summer, Marcum purchased between 10 and 15 DAKOTA QUAD CAB Instant Game tickets. A regular Lottery player, she usually plays Instant Games and Play 4, although she does buy the occasional POWERBALL® ticket. She bought the winning ticket at 7-Eleven on Porter Road in Newark.

The Marcums, who have five grown children and four grandchildren, currently drive an ’89 Chrysler Crown Victoria and an ’85 Dodge 5th Avenue. Mr. Marcum recently retired after a 43-year career with Chrysler at the Newark Assembly plant. As part of his retirement package, he received a voucher towards the purchase of a new car. "We’ll both have new cars now," Mrs. Marcum said.

The Marcums said they "definitely plan to keep playing Delaware Lottery Games."

Since the start of operations in 1975, the Delaware Lottery has contributed more than $969 million to the state’s General Fund to help finance needed state services that benefit everyone in Delaware. The Lottery offers a variety of games including POWERBALL®, the fastest-growing multimillion-dollar jackpot game; All Cash Lotto; Rolldown®, Play 3 and Play 4; and assorted Instant Games.

Game Details

DAKOTA QUAD CAB is a $2 Instant Game from the Delaware Lottery. Each ticket offers players the chance to win one of two nicely equipped 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Sport 4x4. Tickets are on sale at more than 450 Delaware Lottery Retailers throughout the state.

DAKOTA QUAD CAB prizes include:

  1. Two instant prizes of a nicely equipped 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab truck valued at $40,310 — the MSRP for the vehicle ($29,025) plus estimated federal income taxes. Both of these truck prizes remain unclaimed as of October 1.
  2. One nicely equipped 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab (valued at $40,310 — the MSRP for the vehicle ($29,025) plus estimated federal income taxes) awarded in a second-chance drawing. To enter this drawing, players had to fill out the back of a non-winning DAKOTA QUAD CAB ticket and send it to the Lottery Office in Dover for receipt by August 31, 2001 at 4:30 p.m.
  3. Eight top cash prizes of $1,000. Three of these prizes have been claimed as of October 1; five are still unclaimed.

Average odds of winning a prize: 1:3.70 (DAKOTA QUAD CAB offers 129,851 prizes with a total value of $613,730. Odds are based on the sale of all 480,000 $2 tickets ordered for this game.)

Launch Date: May 7, 2001


The Delaware Lottery’s DAKOTA QUAD CAB Instant Game was the second game developed as a result of a partnership between the Delaware Lottery, a state agency, and DaimlerChrysler, a member of the Delaware business community. DaimlerChrysler and the Delaware Lottery also partnered to develop the DURANGO Instant Game in Spring 1999. The Lottery collaborated with Scientific Games International, its Instant Games vendor, to include the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab truck on the tickets.