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Press Releases

2001 Press Releases

October 31, 2001


DOVER, DE - The Delaware Lottery today announced completion of the first phase of its Retailer Accessibility Process, based on its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1992 and Lottery Rules and Regulations.

A three-year process of inspections, consultations, and re-inspections brought all current Lottery retailers into compliance with Lottery Accessibility Rules and Regulations. According to Delaware Lottery Director Wayne Lemons, fewer than 2% of Lottery retailers were unable to comply with the requirements, and the Lottery has discontinued ticket sales in those locations. He said that on-going efforts will focus on maintaining compliance throughout the Lottery Retailer Network and inspecting new applicant locations before licensing.

"The Lottery has taken the first significant steps needed to ensure that its products and services are accessible to persons with disabilities throughout the state of Delaware," Lemons explained. "I'm very pleased with the high level of compliance we've achieved," he said. "We will adhere to this standard of diligence as we continue working with our retailer network to maintain the highest possible degree of accessibility."

Effective May 10, 1998, the Delaware Lottery adopted regulations which mandated program accessibility for people with disabilities in compliance with the ADA. The purpose of these Lottery regulations is to ensure non-discrimination on the basis of disability. The regulations stipulate a standard of physical accessibility, based on ADA standards, at each Lottery retail location. The regulations also provided criteria under which temporary exemptions could be granted for existing retailers. Approximately 20 retailers showed undue financial hardship or refusal of a landlord, which allows for a temporary exemption to be granted.

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