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Press Releases

2001 Press Releases

November 2, 2001


DOVER, DE - Tickets for the Delaware Lottery's new LOTTO game (formerly ALL CASH LOTTO) go on sale Saturday, November 3. Several changes have been implemented in this traditional game to increase excitement for LOTTO players and raise interest among potential players.

Starting jackpots for the new LOTTO game have been increased from $150,000 to $250,000, paid in cash when a player matches all six numbers drawn by the Lottery. Prize levels also have been increased for matching four ($25) or five ($500) of the six winning numbers. Other changes include the cost-a single play is now $1-and the addition of two numbers to the game, so that players now select six numbers out of 38 possible numbers. LOTTO became an all cash game in 1997; the shortened name reflects the understanding of this fact among current players.

According to Delaware Lottery Director Wayne Lemons, major game redesigns are not undertaken lightly by the Lottery. "We carefully evaluated the current game, and researched other, similar games at Lotteries around the world," he said. "We've used this intelligence to make our LOTTO game one of the best on the market today."

The LOTTO game redesign will be supported by print, radio, television and transit advertising featuring a team of surgeons making LOTTO "bigger and better with higher jackpots, faster" in a skit reminiscent of the opening of the "6 Million Dollar Man" TV Show.

Since the start of operations in 1975, the Delaware Lottery has contributed more than $1.1 billion to the state's General Fund to help finance needed state services that benefit everyone in Delaware. The Lottery offers a variety of games including POWERBALL®, the fastest-growing multimillion-dollar jackpot game; LOTTO; Rolldown®, Play 3 and Play 4; and a variety of Instant Games.
The Delaware Lottery today announced completion of the first phase of its Retailer Accessibility Process, based on its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1992 and Lottery Rules and Regulations.