Video Lottery
Delaware’s three casinos offer more than 6,200 of the very best Video Lottery machines in the country, mixing new, cutting-edge technology with popular customer favorites. Since 1996, Video Lottery has contributed over 3.5 billion dollars to Delaware’s General Fund.

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Prizes paid back to players

By law, all games must return between 87% and 95% of all wagers on an annual basis. Games can return above 95% with the Lottery Director’s approval.

How revenue from Video Lottery games is distributed:

  • Approximately 44% of the revenue is paid to the three tracks as commissions for operating the games.
  • Approximately 37.5% is contributed to the State General Fund to help pay for state services.
  • Approximately 10.7% goes toward increasing the size of the horse race purses.
  • Approximately 7.8% goes toward leasing, servicing and upgrading the games, and for monitoring the games with the Lottery’s central computer system.

Video Lottery Monthly Proceeds and Distribution